Active Acne treatments by Martin Coady

Active Acne

If possible, acne should be treated as soon as possible leaving it untreated is likely to result in scarring. For those who want  clear skin quickly, active acne treatments by Martin Coady can achieve both excellent and permanent results.

Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands become obstructed and enlarged by bacteria in the skin. These bacteria multiply deep down within the hair follicle and produce inflamed spots and cysts, which can appear all over the body, but are typically most common on the face, chest and back. Mr Coady will offer his expert opinion on how best to tackle your acne after a full consultation.

From acid peels to skin tightening to ensure your skin is shimmering all year round, without having to go under the knife!

Skin Peels

Skin peels are simple, quick and efficient for giving you the radiant skin you desire and are even used to reduce the effects of skin conditions.

The peels work by revealing a healthier layer of skin after removing the damaged layer of skin from the top.

A chemical solution causes shock to the top layer of skin and that’s what causes it to peel off.

As the skin heals, improved cell growth produces more healthy layers of skin that give the face a youthful and fresh glow.

Mr. Coady offers a variety of skin peels and he will advise the right one, to meet your concerns and expectations, upon consultation.


Dermaroller microneedling uses hand held skin rollers which have micro-surgical steel needles attached to them which reach the inner layer of the skin to promote new skin growth and repair.

The needles stimulate the elastin and collagen production to encourage a healthy and rejuvenating complexion, without doing any damage to your skin.

Although this procedure is non-surgical, you may still need recovery time as your face may be tender after treatment.


Dermabrasion is a technique which uses a device (such as a wire brush, diamond wheel, steralised sandpaper or salt crystals) to remove the skins top layer and expose a fresh and bright appearance.

The treatment takes between 7 and 30 days for the skin to heal fully.

This procedure can reduce the appearance of scars and skin imperfections that you may be insecure of.

Skin Tightening – Face

Mr. Coady used to offer the Exilis Elite radiofrequency treatment. Although this is good at reducing fine lines, as well as subtle skin tightening, he has now stopped providing this is line with him ceasing cosmetic operative surgery.

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