Arranging a consultation with Mr Coady

Arranging a consultation with Mr Coady is the best way to ensure that you get appropriate advice and the right treatment.

How do I arrange a consultation?

Mr M S E Coady
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
PO Box 229

Tel: 07794 312942



Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

No. Whilst I would recommend that you visit your GP before coming to see me it is also possible to arrange a consultation without visiting your doctor first. However, if you are privately insured, and the condition you are seeking a consultation about is covered by your policy, your insurer will require you to be referred to me by letter from your GP.

If we decide together that an operation is best for you, I will always contact your GP to let them know our plans.

Where can I be seen?

Mr Coady consults at:

  • The Park View Medical Clinic, Marton Road, Middlesbrough
  • Ramsay Health Tees Valley Hospital, Church Lane, TS5 7DX. Middlesbrough.

We will try to arrange a consultation for you at the most convenient venue, but if you need to be seen urgently, it may be necessary for you to travel at least once to a venue further afield.

What will happen at the consultation?

It is always necessary for me to see you before deciding upon an operation or procedure, even if you have been referred to me by another specialist. I will see you for an initial consultation to discuss the issues and suggest solutions. It is unlikely that I will treat you at your first visit. If you are seeking help with a health-related issue, such as a skin cancer, the process usually involves a single consultation and booking surgery appropriately promptly.

For the more cosmetic and aesthetic matters, I may ask you to go away and consider what has been said, make up your mind whether you wish to proceed and, if you do, arrange a second consultation to go over the issues, potential benefits and pitfalls again. This gives you another opportunity to ask as many questions about the procedure as you desire. You do not have to pay again for the second or any subsequent pre-procedure consultations that may be required. If an operation is decided upon this will be booked a minimum of two weeks after the last consultation.

Non-Insured and self pay patients

The fee for a general consultation is £150, or£80 for self-pay shorter consultations,  payable at the time. For thread vein and Exilis consulations the fee is £80. The fees are exclusive of any procedure costs. My secretary will guide you as to the correct fees for these or any treatment, which you will know in advance of committing to them. We do not currently take credit or debit cards.

You do not have to pay again for subsequent consultations.

Fees for self-pay, uninsured surgery are usually provided on a “package” basis and decided by the hospital at which I work. This includes all the surgeon’s and hospital fee, the anaesthetist’s fee if required and any follow-up consultations you may need, for as long as you need them. The fee also covers any urgent, complication-related second operation, should you be unfortunate enough to need it.

If you miss a consultation appointment without letting us know beforehand, and you wish to re-book, we must ask for the consultation fee in advance before arranging another date.

Insured patients

Mr Coady is registered with all the major private medical insurers.

Please bring with you your policy details and authorisation number.

Your fees will be managed by your insurer as appropriate to your level of cover and any excesses on the policy. We will normally deal with your insurer directly unless you instruct us otherwise.

Some insurers fees to the surgeon for selected procedures are lower than we would expect for the technical expertise and time involved. Therefore we may occasionally charge an additional fee to be settled by the patient. This will always be discussed before arranging an operation.

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