Body contouring with Exilis Elite


If you are at your ideal weight and are still having trouble dealing with stubborn deposits of fat, even after exercising, then non-invasive body contouring treatments with the Exilis Elite may be appropriate for you. Lower tummy fatty  tissue, “love handles” and even fatty excesses of the knees can all usually be effectively treated with this “state of the art”combined  radiofrequency and ultrasound technology.

The Exilis Elite allows Mr. Coady to use thermal energy rather than surgery to help reduce these stubborn deposits of fatty tissue and stimulate collagen production. Not only does the Exilis Elite technology help reduce fat, it also tightens the overlying loose skin. The thermal energy penetrates the chosen treatment area and destroys the unwanted fat cells, whilst stimulating collagen to help the skin look and feel tighter.

 Each session lasts for around 30-60 minutes (based on which area you require treating) and the session intervals are between 7-14 days. Exilis Elite is also approved by the FDA in the USA for the primary treatment of wrinkles and stubborn fat, so it has passed rigorous regulatory approval.

 Exilis Elite is suitable for patients who aren’t ready (or do not fit the criteria) for any surgical procedures like liposuction, excisional body sculpting or fat transfer. However, you can undergo this treatment if you are looking to maintain and enhance the effects of previous cosmetic surgery; in fact Exilis Elite is often used in combination with other treatments (surgical and non-surgical) so patients can achieve the best results. If you are too busy to the down-time associated with traditional surgery, and you are suitable for it, then Exilis Elite is a good solution.

 Exilis Elite as your body contouring treatment is generally less costly than surgery, it’s also a lot less painful. Aside from a little reddening of the skin and the chance of some discomfort due to the heat produced, the treatment is safe, comfortable and requires zero downtime.

The device can treat any part of the body you wish to target, but has excellent results specifically on common problem areas like the abdomen, inner and outer thighs, love-handles (flanks) and male breasts. Results can be seen within just two weeks of completing your course of Exilis Elite treatments, but take up to three months to be maximal.

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