Choosing Exilis Elite


We often hear people say that they would opt for cosmetic surgery ‘if they had the money’, and in a world where there is a lot of financial pressure on most of us, cosmetic procedures can seem like the domain of the wealthy. However, with the introduction and development of non-surgical treatments like Exilis Elite, cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly accessible.

Exilis Elite is a multi-faceted treatment, working on both the face (to tighten excess skin and therefore smooth out lines and wrinkles) and the body (to remove stubborn fat whilst also tightening and improving the quality of the skin).

It is recommended that you have at least two treatments, and four for optimum results, particularly for fat deposits. These treatments should be administered 10-14 days apart. Although you may start to see results in just 2 weeks, it takes around three months for beneficial skin changes to occur.

It’s easy to see what this means in everyday terms. It depends on the severity of your body complaint – if you are warding off the first signs of ageing or removing a small, stubborn fat deposit, Exilis Elite could be an incredibly cost effective way of you combatting your body problems. The other advantage is that there is none of the “down-time” or recovery period associated with traditional surgery. You can resume normal activities immediately. Of course, only surgery will deal with some problems, but we would be able to give you a realistic opinion and discuss the options available in your case.

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