Deal with Active Acne without Medication

 4.Clear cell


Acne and Rosacea (adult acne) affect a large number of people. Teenage acne blights lives, and which, untreated leads to scarring for which there are lifelong sensitivities.

Over the counter products for can be less than wholly effective in supressing spots and pustules which drives some to take relentless prescription antibiotics or quite toxic medicines.

It is a little known fact that active acne can be largely controlled or supressed entirely using modern topical cosmecueticals along with intermittent light skin peels. For some years we treated acne successfully using the MD Forte range of products. This is no longer available. However, we have now found an even better solution in the Image SkincareTM range of products. Particularly their Clear Cell range combined with the I Peel Acne Lift. The beauty of Image prodicts is that we can prescribe products in a “mix and match” fashion  from their other ranges in order to suit particular circumstances. For instance, active pustular acne needs to be treated carefully. The Ormedic cleanser is a partcularly good intial product for healing and soothing. Containing active organic phytobotanicals it is used in these circumstances until the inflammation is controlled by other products.

The Clear Cell range of gels, wipes and lotions contains exfoliators, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents. Used twice daily and combined with a gentle, superficial exfoliating skin peel eery six weeks it can control active pustular acne and conntrol it long term without using prescribed medication.

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