Exilis Elite – Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

Exilis Elite, by BTL

Mr Coady was the first plastic surgeon in the country to offer the Exilis Elite – skin tightening and fat reduction treatment.

Decreases skin laxity
Treats stubborn deposits of fat

  • Any area of the body treated
  • Treatment in the clinic without surgery
  • Little discomfort. No down time. Very small chance of complications.

Non-surgical Blended technology treatment combining Radio Frequency energy and ultrasound. No other device does this.

Thermal stimulation of collagen re-modelling and fat lipolysis/apoptosis

Suitable for patients who:

  • Are not ready for a surgical option
  •  Not fit for surgery
  •  Wanting to maintain and enhance the effects of previous cosmetic surgery


A consultation is required before treatment to assess your suitability. This is charged at £80.


Sessions from 30-90 minutes
4 sessions, treatment intervals 10-14 days

Per session:
Whole Face – £600
Whole Face and Neck £800
Lower Face and Neck £600
Half face – £350
Per Zone – £150


Sessions – 30 minutes required for one area, 4 sessions minimum
Treatment intervals 10-14 days
Results seen in 2 weeks
£300 per area


This method ischeaper than surgery but  also a lot less painful.

The machine can treat any area of the body you wish to target and requires no recovery time thereafter.

You can get treated in the clinic without being referred to any surgeries or elsewhere and it takes as little as between 30-90 minutes.


  • Takes time to achieve
  • Takes three months to see results
  • Suitable only for small deposits of fat and mild laxity
  • Some people find it uncomfortable
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