Exilis Elite skin tightening with Mr. Martin Coady


Signs of ageing on the body can come in many forms, at various points in your life. Sagging skin around the face and wrinkles can be glaringly obvious, and it often becomes harder to keep our body toned and lose weight. Regardless of the form it takes, visible ageing can be incredibly detrimental to our self-esteem.

If you’re looking to tighten your skin or remove stubborn deposits of fat, which cannot be shifted through diet and exercise, then Exilis Elite may be the solution. The cutting edge technology by BTL Aesthetics is not only cheaper and less painful than invasive skin-tightening techniques, but offers results which may be visible within two weeks, with no recovery time required.

Exilis is a multifaceted cosmetic tool, offering fat reduction for the body and anti-ageing properties when used on the face. The overall effect of Exilis is one of skin tightening; restoring the youthful tautness to the skin on our face and body, and reducing wrinkles and loose skin.

Please note that, for fat removal, Exilis Elite is not suitable for the very overweight, as it focuses on small areas of stubborn fat. If you are close to your ideal weight but have problem areas, Exilis may be ideal for you. A consultation will allow your medical practitioner to advise you whether you are a suitable candidate or not.

Exilis Elite is unique as a treatment because it combines radio frequency and ultrasound in order to penetrate the skin tissue and collagen reserves. It is the first product of its kind to combine the two. During the treatment, the handpiece is guided over the treatment area, heating the deep tissue to stimulate collagen production. The increased collagen improves the skins laxity and texture. Patients can expect to feel a warm sensation on the skin, and while this may be a little uncomfortable in some cases, the treatment should be entirely pain free.  A typical session with Exilis Elite will last 30-90 minutes, although this depends on the treatment area and the severity of the skin laxity.

Patients are recommended to have two to four sessions with Exilis Elite, one every 7-14 days; but of course, this may vary depending upon the requirements of the individual. Results can be seen within a couple fo weeks, but the effects take up to three months to develop properly.

Exilis Elite is a clinic-based treatment with virtually no recovery. Patients may experience some pinkness in the skin, but should subside after 15-30 minutes. Fluid intake is crucial to the success of the treamtent. Patients are recommended to increase their water intake for one or two days before and after the treatment. Exilis Elite is therefore one of the most useful, convenient and practical enhancement treatments available.

Unlike other anti-ageing and fat reduction procedures – surgical and non-surgical – there have been very few reported side effects in Exilis Elite treatment. It is a thoroughly modern way to treat ageing skin, and reduce areas of stubborn fat. The technology designed into the device eliminates a lot of the potential risks. The product has been tested in various clinical trials, to ensure it is completely safe and effective; it is also FDA approved in the United States.

Mr. Coady will have a thorough consultation with you prior to any procedure, the cost of which is included if you proceed to treatment with Exilis.

To learn more about Exilis Elite, or to book a consultation with Mr. Coady regarding any other procedure – both surgical and non-surgical – please contact his office today.

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