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- Reduce signs of ageing (read more)

- Remove pigment spots  (read more)

- Deal with active acne without medication (read more)

The most common requests we receive are to do something to treat the signs of ageing or help with active acne. Problems include wrinkles, sagging, dull, pigmented, scarred skin or red pustules.

Your skin is your most important organ. It is also the first to show signs of ageing or be damaged by the environment we live in and which it is designed to protect you from. Age, the sun and smoking all take their toll.

Key to protecting and rejuvenating your skin is a professional daily skin care programme. Modern cosmeceuticals, with active ingredients only accessible to doctors not only protect your skin, but rejuvenate it too, reducing wrinkles, and pigment spots whilst adding thickness, shine and vigour.

We now offer the complete range of Image SkincareTM cosmeceutical creams, serums and peels. Using their unique Vectorize TechnologyTM a wide range of low allergenic (paraben-free), active ingredients, including peptides,  stem extracts, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients are delivered deep into your skin to act in a prolonged fashion.

From the large range of active ingredients and varying strength skin peels available, we can “prescribe’  an effective twice-daily skin care regimen to manage signs of skin ageing, pigmentation, and active acne.

The Image SkincareTM product ranges are only available to professionals trained to use, and supervise the use of them. Some of the products are only available to doctors. You will not find these products for sale on the internet, unless they are conterfeit or an unwanted gift.


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