New Range of Image SkincareTM Products

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Mr Coady is pleased to announce that he has been licensed to use the complete range Image Skincare range of cosmeceuticals.

“The most common requests we receive are to do something to treat the signs of ageing or help with active acne. For some time I have been searching for the most clinically effective range of creams, serums and peels to provide a non-surgical complement to many of the treatments we provide. I have now found it.”

Image have developed several ranges of product which provide an effective “diet” for your skin and which can be mixed and matched in the form of a “prescription” to deal with the specific issues you may have as an individual. Whether it be the signs of ageing, pigment spots or active acne you wish to treat, Image’s products can help. Using their unique Vectorize TechnologyTM a wide range of low allergenic (paraben-free), active ingredients, including peptides,  stem extracts, anti-oxidants, alpha and beta hydroxy acids and phytonutrients, are delivered deep into your skin to act and treat in a prolonged fashion. We can now both rejuvenate skin and protect it from further damage.

“I am particularly pleased that we now seem to have a viable solution to manage patients who have pustular acne, without the need for taking toxic medication”

The Image SkincareTM product ranges are only available to professionals trained to use, and supervise the use of them. Some of the products are only available to doctors. You will not find these products legitimately for sale on the internet.



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