Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

There are now many non-surgical skin treatments to help you combat some skin issues you may face, without going under the knife.


Difficult to hide, difficult to stop people making judgements about you and making your nose and cheeks look like a roadmap?  We use “Veinwave” technology, which eradicates threadveins, even when lasers have failed READ MORE

Spider Naevi

Spider naevi (also known more commonly as spider veins) is the term given to clumps of small blood vessels that show on the skin’s surface READ MORE

Red Spots (Campbell De Morgan Spots)

Although totally harmless, many people who suffer with Red Spots (sometimes known as Campbell de Morgan spots or blood spots) choose to undergo cosmetic treatment to have them removed READ MORE

Pigmented Patches (Age Spots, Lentigos)

The chief cause of age spots in light-skinned individuals is sun damage. Excessive sun exposure can result in hyperpigmentation, which is a condition noticeable by increased pigment production. This results in patchy, brown skin colour or what some describe as a ‘blotchy’ complexion READ MORE

Active Acne

If possible, acne should be treated as soon as possible leaving it untreated is likely to result in scarring. For those who want beautiful and clear skin quickly, there are treatments on offer that can achieve both excellent and permanent results READ MORE


Warts and verrucas, although very common, are an unsightly problem that drive many individuals to seek treatment. Found all over the body, warts are most common on the hands and face, whilst Verrucas are found on the feet. Despite both often clearing up of their own accord, Mr Coady offers non-surgical options for those seeking a solution READ MORE

Small Scars And Pits

Everyone would prefer to have smooth, clear skin. For some scars (mainly composed of abnormal and damaged collagen) and ‘pits’ on the face can deeply affect their self esteem, but there are cosmetic treatments available that can reduce these unwanted lumps and bumps.

Because scars (particularly those due to acne) can range from fairly deep pits to wave-like scars, and for this reason treatment options are completely dependent on the type of scarring you have. Each requires specific treatment for the best results. Mr Coady will advise you during your consultation what options you can choose, as well as what each choice will offer you READ MORE

Moderate Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles are a natural part of growing older, but there are treatments available that can allow you to look more youthful by reducing these signs of ageing READ MORE

Skin Lesion And Pigmentation Removal

Plastic surgeons are the only doctors trained specifically to diagnose and undertake the full range of surgery to remove skin lesions, lumps and cancer READ MORE

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

Exilis Elite, by BTL

Mr Coady is the first plastic surgeon in the country to offer treatment with Exilis Elite.

  • Decreases skin laxity
  • Treats stubborn deposits of fat


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