Protect Against and Reverse the Skin Ageing Process

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Reducing the signs of ageing skin is the most common request we receive. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun or sunbeds prematurely ages the skin, leading to wrinkles, a leathery appearance, pigmented spots, or sometimes pre-cancerous or cancerous changes.

Smoking leads to an unhealthy, sallow complexion and prematurely wrinkled, sagging and thin skin.

If you want to stop prematurely ageing or reverse some of the damage already done, revitalising and rejuvenating your skin, the Image SkincareTM range is ideally placed to achieve that goal. We have spent some years since the withdrawl of our mainstay skin care product range looking for an equivalent replacement. We now have it with the products available from Image SkincareTM.

Image’s unique Vectorize TechnologyTM permits deep penetration of active ingredients. In the epidermis and dermis they act to slow cellular ageing, repair DNA and revitalize dermal stem cells to produce new collagen and elastin. Pigmentation changes brought about by sunlight, time and hormones can also be effectively controlled. Controlling pigmentation is the single most effective way of making the skin look younger.

The regimen constists of twice daily moisturising and anti-ageing products combined with an effective SPF 50 sunscreen for use during the day and a repai crème for use through the night. Intermittent skin peels of varying depths add to the regimen to enhance the effects.

The wide range of active ingredients available, only to trained aestheticians and some only to doctors, means that we can tailor the skin care programme to your clinical requirements, skin type and budget.

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