Remove Pigment Spots


 Brown, or grey-brown patchy skin discolouration, known as hyperpigmentation is caused by:

Ultraviolet light (the sun or sun beds)

Hormonally (melasma, chloasma)

Inflammation (after skin injury, peels or laser)

Ultraviolet light from exposure to sunlight or sun bed light is the most common reason for pigmented, brown, blotchy skin sometimes called “age spots” or “liver spots”. Differing genetics or skin tone means that some people are more prone to developing these than others. Pigmentation is caused by an over-production of the normal skin pigment melanin. Melanin is usually produced by the skin melanocytes as a protective mechanism (a tan), but after much skin damage the melanocytes contine to produce it in uncontrolled patches. Occasionally melanocytes can become cancerous, producing melanomas. A progressively darkening or very dark patch of skin is a sign of this and a good reason to have any such pigmented patches of skin checked by a plastic surgeon.

All types of skin pigmentation can be controlled and usually reversed by using targeted cosmeceutical products. The Image SkincareTM range contains many good melanin supressors and reversing agents, without any of the toxic bleaching agents in use outside Europe. Used in a twice daily regimen and combined with intermittent skin peels these can supress or eliminate exisiting troublesome pigmented skin patches of all causes. We can tailor the regime to individual requirements depending upon your problem, skin type and budget. It is the most cost-effective range of products we have found to date.

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