Scar Correction

Scar Correction And Revision

Scars are the visible signs left behind after a cut or wound has healed, and are essentially the unavoidable result of injury and/or surgery. Sometimes however, the initial procedure, or handling of the wound was not ideal and the end result is a scar that is less good than it could have been. It may be irreguar, depressed, have large stitch marks, a different colour, or form a ridge or a bridge across a natural dip. Scar correction surgery can in many instances help improve and minimise the appearance of the scar tissue.

Scar Revision Surgery can help to reduce the impact of a scar, redirect it or reduce its tightness to make it feel more comfortable. This can involve ‘cutting out’ your scar before reconstructing the layers of tissue and accurately re-suturing.

It’s worth noting that while all new scars are likely to be red initially, they will gradually fade over 6 months to 2 years.

Because of this, it is usually worth waiting at least six to twelve months following the original surgery or injury before considering revision surgery.

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