Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

Breast Lifting (Mastopexy)

Pregnancy, getting older and even weight loss can all take their toll on a woman’s body; the breasts are no exception. Drooping breasts (described as “ptotic” by cosmetic surgeons) can leave you feeling embarrassed and unhappy with your body. If you are happy with the amount of breast tissue that you have, but not their shape, there is a specific type of breast surgery that can improve the appearance of the chest.

For thousands of women mastopexy (breast uplift and shape change surgery) can help to renew self esteem, and it can also be combined with breast implants if fuller breasts, as well as lifted breasts, are something you’re hoping to achieve. Correcting their shape as well as position on the body, you can improve the fullness of the breasts and get that supported-feel you’re perhaps currently missing.

Breast uplift surgery involves making an incision on each breast, before the skin is lifted and stitched in its new position. The excess skin is then removed and the nipples are then repositioned, ensuring your correctly positioned breasts look natural.

If you’re lacking natural breast tissue and desire a ‘fuller’ effect, Mr Coady may recommend combining mastopexy with breast implants. The size and shape of these is entirely up to the patient and what she feels would improve her self-esteem best.

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