Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

For those women who are uncomfortable or unhappy with their heavy or larger breasts, surgery is available which can help to reduce the size and weight. Breast reduction is often a life-changing procedure.

Breast size is determined by various factors including genetics, hormones, body type and in some cases weight. Generally, the size of the breasts is proportionate to the rest of the body, but unfortunately for some women their breasts are much larger than they are comfortable with.

Breast reduction, commonly known as reduction mammoplasty, helps to reduce both the weight and volume of the breasts. Aside from physical complains, larger breasts can also cause women psychological distress. Frequent complaints from women with this problem include being harassed or bullied down to not being able to find clothes and underwear they like, and finding it hard to exercise.

The procedure Mr Coady performs involves fat, glandular tissue and skin being removed from the breasts, before he reshapes them and repositions the nipples accordingly.

Many patients who undergo breast reduction surgery soon discover that their back/neck pain, poor posture and even skin irritation improve within weeks of the operation.

All breast surgery procedures can be done or combined to ensure the patient restores her happiness with her breasts.

The procedures take around an hour to an hour and a half to do and recovery time is usually at least a week but it all depends on how you feel afterwards.

If you still feel sore after a week then you should continue resting and avoid doing too much.

You can book your consultation with Dr. Martin Coady now to discuss the best option for you.

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