Facial Threadveins

threadveinsDifficult to hide, difficult to stop people making judgements about you and making your nose and cheeks look like a roadmap?

We use “Veinwave” technology, which eradicates threadveins, even when lasers have failed.

Fine, brightly coloured or purple blood vessels running over the cheeks and nose, particularly around the base of the nostrils are known as thread veins. They are extremely common, particularly coming on in the middle years and sometimes associated with skin conditions such as Acne Rosacea. They are usually a source of great embarrassment. Ladies often find them difficult to cover with thick layers of make-up before venturing out in public. Sufferers are sometimes mistakenly branded heavy drinkers.

The good news is that they can be very successfully treated, without fuss and with little discomfort by a method far more successful than laser, known as thermocoagulation. We use the “Veinwave” device which in several sessions of twenty to thirty minutes can eradicate the vessels. This treatment is performed in the clinic, does not require an anaesthetic and leaves some temporary redness, but no bruising. It is easy to tolerate and virtually complication-free. The effect is instantaneous, usually long lasting or permanent and even treats vessels where laser or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy have failed.

Leg Threadveins

These are much less satisfactory to treat than facial thread vessels. We use the Veinwave device and injection sclerotherapy to manage these vessels, depending upon their size. These may also co-exist with true varicose veins, which we do not treat in-house.

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